Crazy class day

 I had another presentation today I did for extra credit (which I got the extra credit points). My topic was kids and drugs. Me and this kid in my broadcasting class, got into a debate. he took it a bit too seriously, and I just was having fun. he was getting all angry at me, and what not, I just kept my cool. I remain calm. He let his emotions get the best of him. lol.

  It’s a class where we talk abut many different issues and debate about it. i told him not to get angry with me, get angry at what the statistics are. get angry at the parents wh let there kids do drugs. Don’t hurt the messenger.

 I’m just a young man going for extra credit and another good grade. I told him to chill out, only princesses lose fly off there handles. 

  Everyone liked it. the crowd was into it. I feel like a heel/face the way a heel/face wrestler works the crowd. I felt like that. My teacher liked it. 

  I got a few giggles and got the class involved in the debate. some people don’t grow up, fuck him if he can’t take a joke. 🙂 

  I did get an A and I shook his hand after everyone clapped at the end of my presentation. I told him “nice debate”. He looked mad then grinned at me. he said “Thanks” as he shook my hand. 

  I showed good sportsmanship and that I’m a classy guy. It was a good debate, I don’t think he could handle the challenge of what I was saying though. lol. I don’t know. My birthday is tomorrow and a date this Saturday evening. 🙂




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