The review

  I just saw ‘The amazing Spiderman 2’ and it was AWESOME. 

   I’ve always been a fan of Jamie Fox and it made a great villain as electro. Andrew Garfield deserves more credit then he’s gotten. He is just as good as Tobey Maquire was when he first played Spiderman. At first I was concerned because I wasn’t sure if Andrew can pull off that type of role, but he proved me wrong and I’m now a fan of his. 

   He is breath taking and convincing as Peter Parker. The actions were something I never seen before in a marvel movie and even though the story line was more of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, the chemistry between them was better than Maguire and Dunst. 

  The only part I didn’t like too much was that Gwen Stacy died and it kind of broke my heart. However, this one of marvel’s best movies and everything about this movie was absolutely perfect. The writing; the acting. And even the plot was pretty damn awesome. 

  They did leave room for a third movie and if there is, I know that is going to be just as awesome ans epic as the Spiderman trilogy thus far. 

  Oh and I hope Andrew Garfield wins an award. Don’t fall asleep on him in his performance as the superhero and as an actor. 🙂 


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