A Million Pieces (Drake fan fiction) (I own my character, the plot, and my blog).

A/n: Hey!:) Audrey and Ben go to Hollywood Arts. They’re in High school. The first chapter is from Ben’s point of view. To all the Drake fans, and to my followers, enjoy! 🙂

Synopsis: Will Audrey and Ben take there friendship to the next level, or will complications arise?

Chapter 1:
My phone rings. I groan and pick up the phone sleepily. “Hello?”.

“Hey, Ben!”.

“Audrey, why are you…never mind. You okay?”.

“Yeah I’m doing good. I need your feedback on a song and a new title for a song I’m working on. Can you help me? Please?”.

At least he added the please at the end.

“Yeah. When?”.

“After school, today”.

“Okay. And Audrey?”.


“You do realize that you’re calling me at 3 pm right?”.

Audrey laughs. “It’s not 3 pm. It’s 9:40 pm”.

Fuck me!

“Dammit! I’m SO late to school”. I say as I smack my forehead with my hand.

“Not to worry, I’ll pick you up. How long do you need?”.

“Half an hour”.

“Okay. I’m around the area, so text me when your ready”.

“Alright. Thanks, bye”.

“No problem. Bye”.

I hang up the phone and get my sleeping beauty self off my bed. I take a quick shower then put on some new clothes. I brush my teeth then grab my bag. I go downstairs to drink chocolate milk and eat a pear.

I text Audrey and let him know I’m ready. About 10 minutes later he texts me back. ‘I’m outside in the car’. I put the cup in the stink and throw out my trash. Locking the door to my house Audrey greets me with a smile when I walk to his car. I give him a small smile and we head to school.

The car ride was silent. I notice he kept giving me small glances. He knows I hate that or when people stare at me but when he does it…It’s…a different feeling.

Before we get out of the car I say “Thanks again”. He said” Anytime”. We get out of the car and he locks it. We walk to our separate classes and the rest of the school day was boring without Audrey 😦

Boring teachers. Boring classes. Boring homework assignments. Boring lunch food. But the good thing is my last class is my favorite class-broadcasting. I have a presentation on a Wednesday morning and I’m really nervous but I gotta put on my big boy pants on and fight through it.

I went after Audrey. My topic was on Kids & violent video games. I read a script I wrote, showed a video, made a few witty sarcastic remarks, and everyone in the class clapped. My teacher said “You did a terrific job!”. I smiled and said “Thanks!”. A few of my classmates shook my hand and said they liked it. I smiled and said “Thank you”. Audrey smiled at me mouthed ‘you did great’. I smiled wide and mouthed back ‘thank you, you too’. I winked at him playfully hoping no one saw that.

I met with Audrey after school and walked with him to the recording studio. he played the song ‘Come real’ and as I was bopping my head I told him “Like it! The beat is good too!”. he said “Thanks bro!”. I said” Your new song should be hometown flow”.

“Hometown flow….” he said. “I like it. Your a genius you know that?”.

“I’m glad to be of your assistance, master Audrey”.

“Master Audrey huh? I like the sound of that”. he said as he tried to showed his million dollar smile.

“Don’t flatter yourself now”. I countered his statement with as I said it with a smirk.

“Shut up”. He playfully pushes me.

I smile like a goof.

This why I lo-like Audrey. I can be my true self around him. He’s the only person who I feel comfortable with, when it comes to letting my guard down.

“Do you have the song we started recording? My version of ‘Southern Skies’ by Like a storm?”.

“Yeah. Why?”.

“I wanna sing a verse.

“Okay, hold on”.

He switches the song and plays the beat. I put the head phones on. I close my eyes, relaxing my mind and my body. I sing the second verse and I can feel his eyes on me, hearing every word that he doesn’t know this song is for him.

‘Damn. I always knew he was hot, but the way he sings, makes him even-WAIT. Did I just say my own best friend is hot? fuck, I think I’m going crazy or something’. Audrey thinks to himself.

I put down the headphones and listen to the verse. We smile out of satisfaction and give each other a high five.

He puts his arm around me and puts his head around my shoulder. “Audrey….What are you doing?”. I ask mysteriously.

“I’m tired”. He says as he pouts.

What kind of guy pouts? I never heard a guy pout before.

“That’s great, but I’m not your human pillow”.

“But you’re my cuddle buddy when we watch movies”.

“I can’t argue with the conceited bluntness of Audrey Graham!”. I said as I laughed.

“Shush your face”. He mutters.

I lightly put my head on his head. He looks at me and smiles. I look deep into his eyes and before his lips meet mine…

A/n: Cliffhanger! uh oh! Sorry, for the mix up about earlier.


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