A good day

  Today, I went to hangout with my best friend. We had a weird but funny conversation, and we had a good talk. I can always count on him to cheer me up and give me good, positive advice. 🙂

   On the other hand…

  I have a fan fiction story idea but I should finish the Big Bang theory fan fiction first. But I REEEALLY want to post the first chapter of my new story I wrote today, while being bored in my uncle’s house. 

  And besides contemplating on posting up the new story and complaining a bit (and I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining) …

  I thought there was a bug on while while I was raking the leaves but it was just my shoe lace. I almost freaked out. lol. In other news-Rhiannah shouldn’t be with Chris brown. I don’t know if she is but she shouldn’t be with a man that hits his girl friend. I think she not be so evil and see that Drake is a good guy. Well, he seems like a good guy in this interview I saw him on. 



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