Treat yourself; Don’t be ashamed

  Don’t be self conscious to take yourself on a date. No one will judge you or look at you like your a nut job. Take yourself out when you have the chance. No matter if it’s to the mall, or to lunch, treat yourself. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Buy yourself that new video game you always wanted, or that jacket you’ve been saving up for. It’s always a good thing to have your ME time and unwind from your worries. 

   Spend money on yourself, your worth it. 

   You have freedom and you don’t have to be on any time limit. Enjoying your own company and hanging out with yourself is limitless.

  A date with yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. Just go out and go to your favorite places. Explore your favorite city and enjoy the day. 

  Going on a date with yourself is okay. A lot of people do it. I do it too. 🙂 



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