The update

   Tomorrow, I have a presentation in my broadcasting class and i’m really, really nervous :/  I’m not good in talking in front of a class (because I’m shy). I’m actually more scared of presenting in class tomorrow than the spider that was in my room, that my uncle squashed.  

  on another note, I’m going to update a 4th chapter of ‘Emails, text messages, and friendship’ hopefully by this weekend. I hope everyone’s Easter just a couple days ago was good, and the new spider man movie looks really good. 

  The summer is almost here. 

  The beaches, the pool, the hotter weather, and staying out late where it’s not 20 degrees outside, and a possible vacation.  The summer is almost here. I’m not as bitter or whiny as I seem. I promise. 🙂 I just say what i feel and try to inspire. Honesty is good. 🙂 

  It has been a long year with hard work, a lot of homework, working and studying, and stress for everyone but please do enjoy the summer. Have fun and be free from the stress from the year. Unwind and smile. But do put on sunscreen. 😀 

  If someone could wish my luck on my presentation that would be pretty awesome. I wish I had a technique or something so I don’t get nervous, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I have to be a man, put on my big boy pants, and face my fear of talking in front of the class. And besides…

  “There is nothing to fear, but fear its self”. 




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