I have good news :D

   My presentation this morning went really, really well. Everyone liked it, they all said I was fun and entertaining. I got  a few chuckles and some laughs. The crowd was really into my presentation and we debated about my topic (which is kids and violent video games) for the whole class time. 

  My nerves were at ease and I felt comfortable talking in front of everyone. They all clapped and some of them shook my hand telling me congratulations and that my presentation was awesome. 🙂 

   My teacher LOVED it. He said I did a terrific job. 🙂 Everyone saw how passionate I was about this topic. It makes me happy to know that everyone liked my presentation and had fun. i didn’t want to be the guy to bore them to tears, so making the class time unpredictable and entertaining was a huge plus for me. 😀 

  I know I good grade on it my teacher said I’m one of his favorite students. I tried not to cry in the end because the class ending in a few weeks, but I’m thankful.I made everyone’s morning and possibly the whole day. 🙂 


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