No more messes

   I don’t mind that my aunt and her two sons come over, and hangout, but I’m starting to get really tired of it. All they do is make a mess and leave dishes everywhere, piled up. 

  She doesn’t bother to clean up after herself or her two sons, and expects me to do it when I’m either studying, or working. I don’t go to her house and make a mess and leave crap everywhere on the kitchen table-I pick up after myself. So why can’t she do the same thing? It’s not that hard. Just tell whoever is there (that is not me) to babysit your two kids, and clean up after yourself. 

  Be respectful. 

 Don’t be a pig. 

  I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t like that they always do that every time they come over plus, they make a mess in the living room. It’s up to a relative that I live with if she wants them in the house, but if that were my house and I owned it…I wouldn’t want them coming over anymore until they had some manners and to not be an animal. 

 That’s not cool. 

 My house isn’t a place where they can leave crap spread out and yucky. 

  Sorry for venting but it’s not right to do that. 


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