Why it’s not sad to go to the movies alone

   A lot of people who go to the movie theaters are either with there friends, on a date, or with his/her family. Some people who are with there friends, might think that the person who is going to see a maybe more than one movie alone is a loser and he/she pathetic. 

   I want to tell you that that’s not true. NONE of that is true. People DO go to the movies by themselves and they’re all at the movie theater for the same reason-to enjoy the movie they paid to see plus enjoy the drink and whatever else you get-whether it’s food or snacks. 

  Going to the movies alone is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with that. 🙂 

  I’ve even done that a couple times, and I don’t mind doing that at all. 

  If people are making fun of you and being knuckleheads-just Just remember this: It takes more courage to do what others won’t do.

   Please , if you do go to the movies alone remember to have fun and don’t feel bad to theater hop! Enjoy the movie, and enjoy yourself. 🙂




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