A friend and a clear sky

  The young kid went upstairs to his room and closed the door as he locked it. He began crying. No one is home. No one has called him or texted him on his birthday. 

   The day he turned 18, was suppose to be a special day. The day he was finally an adult. It was already 5pm. Normally on his birthday, his mom would take him out to breakfast and as the day went on he would always have a good birthday. His dad would take him out of school early to go hangout somewhere and have lunch at his favorite place-the Chinese buffet.  

  However, none of that happened anymore as he got older. When he woke up this morning, his parents went on a business trip. They left him a note saying happy birthday and to keep up the good work in school. Everyone in his family didn’t bother to take him out. As the time passed it was already 6:20pm-and all he could was cry.  

 He was alone. 

  A lot of tears were going down his face abundantly and as he held his pillow and his other blanket, he cried into it. 

  He felt heartbroken. 

  He took out his phone. 

  He got a text message from his closest friend, Milton, who said: ‘Hey, kiddo! Happy birthday. Did you do anything for your birthday, yet? :)’

 The young kid replied back with a small smile. 

  ‘No. 😦 I haven’t gotten any happy birthdays from any of my relatives. I feel so…embarrassed’.

  Milton replied back quick.’What??! That’s awful! 😦 where are you? I’ll pick you up. Do you want me to pick you up? Do you want me to sleep over?’.

 ‘In my room. Crying my eyes out. Can you pick me up? Please? I want you to stay with me tonight. I don’t want to be alone’.

 ‘Okay. I’ll be right there. Hang in there’.

  Milton put on his jacket and his shoes. He packed a small bag with his towel, his toothbrush, a change of clothes, basketball shorts and a shirt for his Pj’s, and his phone charger. He locked the door and went to drive to his best friend’s house. He turned on the car and drove to the nearest place who had chocolate cake. He picked up some food from the Chinese buffet, then drove to the movie theater to reserve two tickets for a movie, for later on tonight.

 Milton arrived at the young kid’s house and got the things from his car. He put the chocolate cake on the table. He put the Chinese food on two plates along with two cans of Pepsi, and the two movie tickets on the kitchen table-setting it up nicely. It was already 7:10pm. 

  Milton walked upstairs to the young kid’s room and knocked on the door. 

   “GO away!”. He yelled.

  “Ben….it’s me. I’m going to come in, okay?”.

  He open the door and saw Ben with puffy, red eyes. He walked over to sit on his bed. Milton looked at Ben with a look of concern and a bit of sadness, but Milton had to be strong for Ben. He had to hide his anger, that Ben’s own family would abandon him on his birthday. 

 Ben hugged Milton tightly. Ben hid his face on Milton’s shoulder and sobbed harder as Milton hugged him back. “It’s okay, kiddo. I’m here. You aren’t alone anymore. I’m here”. 

  Milton wiped the tears from Ben’s eyes, though Ben couldn’t stop himself from crying. He cried out of sadness and happiness. “Hey….I’m proud of you, you know that? Everything you’ve been through these past few years, Ben, I consider you as my own son as well. You’re doing so well for yourself and have grown up a lot”. 

“Why would they do this to me? What did i do for this to happen?”. Ben asked as his faced cracked a bit. 

“You didn’t do anything for them to do this. Do you understand that? This isn’t your fault. I’m sorry those cruel people left you alone like this. And as long as I’m here-I won’t let them do this to you, ever again”. Milton said.

  “Do you want to come downstairs? I have a few things for you”. Ben nodded and they both walked downstairs. Ben saw everything Milton got for him. Milton put the candles on the cake and lit them up. Ben made a wish and they both ate there food together in silence. They also ate chocolate cake and as the finished eating one piece each, Ben said” Hey, Milton…Thank you for everything you’ve done, today. And thank you for always telling me to to be strong and to believe in myself. I’m happy to have you as my best friend and as a father figure to me. Thank you for being there for me. I appreciate it. I honestly do”. 

  Milton smiled and said” You welcome, kiddo. And anytime you need someone, I’m always going to be here for you, no matter what. Hey, we should get going. We have a couple movies to catch”. Ben smiled and nodded.

 Ben and Milton saw ‘The amazing Spider-man 2 and Oculus’. Afterwards they went back to Ben’s house and Ben took a shower after Milton. They watched Sports Center and cuddled as they fell asleep.  


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