Sometimes I wonder….


 The New York Knicks had a horrible season this year, compared to the last two years. 

  What I suggest they do is this: 

  Sign Steve Kerr as a coach then Stan Van Gundy as an assistant coach. Then, they should trade Chandler, Felton, and Smith for…

     David Lee, Monta Ellis, Beidrens, and a second round pick. They should re-sign Beno Udrih and ACTUALLY play him. then sign a veteran point guard. They should also sign a veteran shooting guard and sign Martell Webster. 

  The Knicks should build around Murray, Hardaway Jr. and Melo. They don’t need a has been like Lamar Odom. Maybe someone like Jamal Crawford will fit in with the Knicks, when he first was on the team, he was one of there best players. 

   They need to get rid the players who hog the ball and get guys who can score and play defense. I can see either Devin Harris or Kris Humphries maybe signing with the Knicks this off season. This idea seems out of place and what not but it could be possible. 



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