For the time being (part one)

 I have to say…Today, was a good day. I saw the movie Draft day and it was a great movie. It wasn’t over hyped like a lot of movies with high expectations, the movie was just as great as Money Ball. I only saw the last few minutes of the movie, Oculus. But that’s going to change, because I’m going to see Oculus and Transcendence this Sunday. Plus I got my paycheck today.


   And tomorrow I have to get a haircut and shave my beard. I’m not looking forward to that at all. I like having a beard but in life we can’t have everything we want, so all we can do is try. Right?

    I wish I didn’t have English homework this weekend.  Why did my teacher give my class English homework?. *Sigh* But it’s gotta be done. 

  My friend, Rob is interested in dating me. Me out of all people? I must be special. I haven’t gotten back to him on that yet. He’s a nice kid and he’s smart, but  I just hope he is real in what he says. 

  This is me. Don’t judge me. I’m bisexual. 



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