The Real Her


 Side note:  This is going to be some inappropriate fan fiction content, but no need to worry….It’s fake. I don’t own the title. It’s a song by Drake featuring Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. All rights go to Drake. I’m just borrowing the title. Thanks, Drake. If this too much, I’m sorry. I’m just trying something. Well…Here goes nothing. 🙂 

  Miley Cyrus isn’t as talented as she thinks she is. Do you really want to know how she made it to where she is at, now? Here’s a good clue: 

  “Oh, BIlly!”.

 Miley, who has her small hands on Billy’s chest as she is moving her hips back and fourth, while breathing heavy and moaning. Her wet thing is pounding against Billy’s candle stick d*ck. 

 “Miley , Fuck!”. 

 Billy groans as he is concentrating on MIley’s “Bad b*tch” body. He takes his hands and squeezes her breasts. 

‘Damn they’re small and perky’. He thinks to himself. 

“Billy! Mmmmm”. Miley yells out. The bed is moving and they’re sweating a bit. 

“Call me daddy, baby! Call me daddy!”. Billy moans out. 

Miley pushed her thighs together on Billy’s as she straddled him and they both ejaculated.

 Miley got her a record deal off Disney and signed onto another record label. She also got her money and her Grammy awards. 

Oh and for daughter-father time they have sex in Atlantic City in the trump hotel. Isn’t parents who are famous just great? If the sex is great, you get the things you want.

And hopefully he put on a condom or at least two of them. We don’t need no more MIley’s running around and shaking there no asses. 


side note: Any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks. Don’t be too mean. 🙂






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