A/N: Warning: This story will have adult content and bad language. I’m not friends with Randy Orton. Don’t judge me lol. 

   After Jennifer Lawrence won an award, jack Nicholson approached her. Her bought her an apple martini. He smiled and said” Congratulations on the win, for, Best actress in a supporting role”. She took the apple martini and said” Thanks” as she smiled. 

  “What are you doing after the Oscars?”. He asked. 

  “Watching TV in my hotel room, why?”. 

  “Can I come up to your hotel room? I’d like to cook for you. Anything you want”. She was a bit nervous because he’s like 80 and she’s like 25. I doubt he doesn’t need to take Viagra because I’m not sure if he can handle her crazy body. Have you seen it? I mean DAMN. She may have to handle his. 

 she said” Yeah. I’d like that”.

  Half and hour later he comes up to her room. He cooks her chicken cutlets and rice. They eat and he couldn’t help but stare at that body of hers. She knows he’s charming. He knows she’s flaky and cool. So that means…If she hits that will she scream that he’s big or small….Down there? I have no f*cking idea, but back to the story.

 He was admiring her figure and her breasts with a grin. He popped a Viagra pill and put on a condom. She was in the bathroom when this happened. 

  He started to play with himself and she walked in on him. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”. She yells. he was startled as his heart starts beating fast. “OH MY GOSH, I…I’M SORRY! I SWEAR-I…I,I DON’T KNOW. I’M SORRY!”. He tries to put his pants back on, but she seductively bit her lip and says”Your not doing it right. Let me help you”.

  I’m hanging out at my hotel room, playing video games with my friend, Randy Orton. We’re playing WWE14 and of course I’m winning so far. It’s Goldberg vs. Ryback. I’m Goldberg and he is Ryback. We hear a bunch of sounds and pause the game. We hear heavy breathing, panting, groaning, grunting, more heavy breathing, and moaning. 

  We start laughing hysterically while drinking Pepsi. I think I heard “Choke me” or something like that. I couldn’t quite make out to be that exactly. But anyway, I did hear a yelling moaning that sounded like ” OH GOD! OH JACK!”. Then we both heard “Jennifer…Holy shit, that P*ssy’s so F*CKING good!”. Wow she is really knocking his socks off. We laughed some more then continued to play.  


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