Good news :)

My presentation for my broadcasting class isn’t til Monday. And I’m still nervous because I’m shy and I’m not good at all talking in front of the class. :/

  My teacher told me he enjoys reading what I turn in after class and he says I’m creative and entertaining and funny. He said I’m quite unique. 🙂

 I’m happy that he enjoys reading my material, and I thanked him for the opportunity to be myself and to write and produce the most wackiest stories I’ve ever written every time I went to class. 

  This class is ending in a month and it saddens me, but he’s a really good teacher and give not only me but everyone else the opportunity to be creative and bizarre. Plus, I seen a few kids who do nothing but sit and stare, but hey…It’s not my grade and not my problem. (Sorry if that sounded mean but c’mon. That’s a chance of a lifetime!). 

  He told me in private, that I’m going to finish top of my class. And I read the book for class. Nerdy, I know. lol. 🙂 

  My uncle killed the spider that was in my room. He said it’s a house spider and it’s afraid of light-that it doesn’t do anything. Now I can sleep better. 

 I’m proud of myself to finish top of my class, for the second semester in a row. Work hard and never give up. And don’t be a chicken head like me and be terrified of spiders. 😉 Hehe.




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