Wrestlemania 30 review

If anyone has watched WrestleMania last year, the show was awesome from start to finish. The crowd was good and vocal. And I believe last night’s event was the best WrestleMania yet. 🙂


Pre-show- The Usos def. Los Matadores, The Real Americans, and Curtis Axel and Ryback. Time: 16:02

-This was a good match. It was physical and impressive, especially with the high flying Usos. They finally have had there first big moment on the grandest stage of them all as the crowd cheered.


The segment with The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan was EPIC. 


1.)Daniel Bryan def. Triple H. Time: 25:56

-At the age of 45, Triple H can still wrestle. Amazingly he must have watched numerous videos on Daniel Bryan’s wrestling moves, because he pulled out a lot of the stops. He was dominating Bryan for the most part, but with the “YES!” movement behind him-he pulled off the victory with a high running knee. This was an awesome match from start to finish and Bryan was headed to the main event, despite his injured shoulder.

2.) The shield def. Kane and the New Age Outlaws. Time: 2:57

-This was a squash match. It should have been longer, but the shield didn’t fail to impress, with there second win at Wrestlemania. The crowd was into The Shield. 

3.) Antonio Cesaro def. 29 other super stars in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Time: 12:47

-This was a bit of a typical royal rumble match, but it was kind of exciting. Kofi Kingston never fails to impress the crowd in this kind of match, and it was fast paced despite the length of this match. It was a good match overall, and Cesaro picking up Big Show and throwing him over the top rope was incredible! It’s good to see Cesaro is getting over with the crowd and could be potentially turning face. 

4.) John Cena def. Bray Wyaat (w/ Eric Rowan and Luke Harper). Time: 23:00

-This match was unique. It was a good match with mind games played by Wyatt and a sneaky HEEL turn by Cena, but who are we kidding? That won’t happen. :/ Even though it was a slow paced match, Bray’s antics to get into John’s head was what turned the crowd and for the most part the crowd was into it. But as usual..Super Cena wins. *Sigh*.

5.) Brock lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) def. The Undertaker. Time: 25:25

-Wow. This match was…not that good. I’m still in shock from what I saw last night. NO ONE expected this poorly built up match to have the result it did. Not even Paul Heyman could believe it. And the fans were silent. Not a single reaction. The crowd was in disbelief. The beginning of this match took a while because they both had to feel each other out, but after a certain point, it did drag on what felt like a long time. Taker was quickening up the pace a bit with snake eyes and those viscous strikes, but after a certain point…Lesnar took total control and picked the dead man apart. It didn’t have the emotion or the intensity that any match against The Undertaker would normally have, but the crowd couldn’t get into it, as they they would have liked. Taker looked exhausted and breathless. 😦 He was struggling to put a fight, and it was an even bigger struggle for him to get back on his feet. He had very little energy left towards the end of the match, and with very little near falls, after the third F-5 that Brock did, Taker was suppose to kick out, but he had nothing else left in the tank. And with the that-the streak had ended. People still couldn’t believe that Brock was the one who ended the streak. Some fans say that Sting or someone else should have done it, but we have to remember that Taker is almost 50. He’s not 35 anymore and he’s not as healthy as he used to be. His body has finally caught up to him and told him that it’s time to retire, because I believe he doesn’t have one more match left in him. His gimmick has gotten old really fast. He IS a hall of famer  for sure and has accomplished a lot in the WWE/WWF since he first arrived. Yes, the streak was beaten but either way…Taker has put his body on the line for us fans for a little over two decades and Brock deserves a lot of credit for breaking something so valuable at the first biggest event of the year. Congratulations Brock and thank you Taker.

6.) Aj Lee won the Divas championship invitational.  Time: 6:48

This was a good match I thought. It was a physical match and that suplex off the top rope was pretty cool. It was nice to see a lot of the Divas finally get a match on the card and the crowd seemed to like it as well. Congrats, Aj Lee. 

7.) Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton and Batista. Time: 23:23

-This was another AWESOME match. It was creative interesting, brutal, and had me on the edge of my seat quite a few times. When Batista and Randy combined to a Batisat bomb-RKO to Bryan through the table, that was imply amazing! But Randy’s back hitting the monitor and cutting him up, was a bit…scary. Of course the authority trying to ruin Bryan’s moment again…But he took out Triple H and the referee, Scott Armstrong and the use of the sledge hammer was smart to take out the king of kings. Randy And Batista were boring the crowd a bit as they went one-on-one but when Bryan scratched and clawed out of the stretcher to try and win the match…he got he crowd back to life and is now the face of WWE and has won both titles. Daniel Bryan is a perfect example that size doesn’t matter and you can achieve anything if you work hard and keep at it. Congratulations, Daniel Bryan. YES! YES! YES! 🙂 






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