Why can’t it be easy?


A/n: Hi! 😀 I’m back with a new fan fiction story but don’t worry I’m going to continue my last one. I just came up with an idea for a different one. I don’t own Gilmore Girls. I have no idea why I came up with this. Don’t judge lol. Enjoy! 😀

Rory took a bus from Yale to stars Hollow. On the way there she had been feeling mixed signals. On the walk home she didn’t know what to decide for herself. Let the thought of Jesse dance around in her mind or go for what her heart wants….Lorelai.

But how would Luke react? What about Lorelai’s parents? How about Sookie? Or lane? what would Paris say?.

How could Rory even explain to herself that she could potentially be in love with her own mum?. The same woman who raised her since birth, and picked her up from the ground when she felt sad. And the biggest question of all…

What would Lorelai say about this whole thing? .

“This is a phase. That’s all it is. Just a stupid, silly phase. These feelings aren’t real. They’re just…In my crazy head”. Rory says out loud to herself. While being in her room, sitting at the desk on her laptop…

she had a bigger problem to face besides this questionable more than mother-daughter love.

How will she be able to look her mum in the eyes? Everything for Rory would be awkward around Lorelai.

Going to Luke’s diner. Eating at the Chinese buffet. Renting a dozen movies and going for walks. All of that mother-daughter bonding wouldn’t be the same, but maybe it would. Rory would have to put her feelings aside and fight through it, til she can figure out when the right time to say something to her mum would be.

She tried to start her homework but all she can think about is these millions of thoughts going through her head right now. She puts her hands on her eyes and rests them there for a bit.

-Line break-

Lorelai unlocks the door to her house and shouts” Rory my child! You home?”. She quickly became alert and panicked for a bit.

“Rory? Hello?”.

She gets out of her room and walks downstairs. Putting on her best smile she says “Hey, mom!”.

Lorelai smiles and asks “How was school?”.

“Really mum? Really?”.

“Your right. How was Prison?”.

“Fantastic! I got homework from both my wardens today”.


They both laugh and Lorelai says “Hey, you hungry?”.


“I raised you right, my Sky walker. Chinese buffet?”.

“Of course. I learned from the best!”.

-Line break-

Despite small talk the dinner was pretty quiet. Lorelai’s eyes show concern as she asks” You okay? Your quiet tonight”.

“Yeah. I just have a lot of stuff on my mind”.

And the main one is you.


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