Wrestlemania 30 predictions

If you’re a fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) like I am, then you know what I’m talking about. The grandest stage of them. Besides Summer Slam-the one night in a year where any superstar or superstars can shine-WrestleMania. 

   I saw WrestleMania 23, 25, 27, and 28. All of those weren’t that great. There was a couple matches that was epic, but the rest of the matches of the card seemed fairly weak and the crowds in those WrestleMania years seemed a bit out of it. After a certain point they didn’t seem interested in the rest of the matches, til they were all over. The last Wrestlemania that was actually worth watching was WrestleMania 21. 

   WrestleMania 29, I thought was the best one yet and despite a couple of bad matches last year, the rest of the matches still delivered even with the halftime show not being that good. However, this year has a different feel to it than any WrestleMania that I’ve seen thus far. It’s WrestleMania 30, and with a lot of history and historic matches these past 30 years-In Five days I feel as if history is about to be made for those who dreamed about being victorious in the grandest stage of them all and winning it all. 

   I have looked at the matches on this card and I can already tell that this year has more of an aggressive big fight feel. Judging by the matches on that will take place this Sunday night (where i also will be watching WrestleMania),here are my predictions for this years winners: 

  1.)The fatal 4-way match for tag team titles. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback. I’m not too crazy about this match knowing these tag teams have faced each other too many times, but either way it will be a physical match, and I look forward to seeing the Cesaro swing to any of these opponents. I think it will be a fifteen minute match and the Usos will retain here titles. 

Winner: The Usos

  2.) John Cena vs. Bray wyatt. While the usual chants of “Let’s go Cena!” “Cena sucks!” will happening often throughout the match, Bray Wyatt’s unique style of wrestling and brawling with the once Dr. of Thuganomics this match will be one of the best matches of the night. This match should be 20 minutes long. Bray’s promos have caught the attention of the WWE universe and with Cena being SuperCena as always, I think Bray will get the biggest win of his career yet, starting with defeating Cena and hopefully if booked right, a soon-to-be champion. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt

3.) If the Divas match does take place, I hope it won’t be one of those awkward Diva matches that are on Raw. I hope the Divas match is good enough where all of them can finally show there talent and to not be held back, because no one seems to care about the Divas division anymore before Trish Stratus and Lita both retired. But ti would be awesome to see both of them in that ring again. I think this match will be no more than 10 minutes and you-know-who will pull off a victory. I just hope she does a CM Punk kind of promo with no script. Shades of the attitude era.

Winner: AJ Lee

4.) The Shield vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws. Let’s face. Kane and The New Age Outlaws are past there 40’s and they can’t put on the kind of matches that they used to. This will be a decently slow paced kind of match that will go on for a little over Twelve minutes. Whether the Shield wins or looses, I suspect more spoilers for the shield to break up slowly. This match with the high risk flyer of Seth Rollins, it will get the crowd excited either way. 

Winners: The Shield 

5.) Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal. With a lot of superstars who are either jobbers are or a mid card at best, I’m happy to see all these superstars finally out of there in the ring, and try to eliminate 29 other superstars. even Dolph Ziggler has had a rough year, he is on track and on a winning streak. Here’s here to show the world that can steal the show and sure hope he does, as his fans would like to see him be the winner. It will be more than an hour long and tolerable. 

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

6.) Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. This feud has been built up the right way. The man who started the “YES!” movement has been push past the moon and into 100 different galaxies. Even though Triple H has been around for years and has fought them all, and even though he has lost some matches too, putting him over IS what’s best for business. I believe in Daniel Bryan as everyone else does too. This match will go over 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, but it will be the best match on the card. A brawler-The cerebral Assassin vs. the fast paced submission specialist. Chant on, Daniel, but you have one more thing to do before celebrating. 

Winner: Daniel Bryan 

7.) Randy Orton vs. Batista. This is almost going to be just like a few years ago, when they first started there feud. And If I remember correctly, Randy won. But don’t quote me on that. Batista did fly his way to the top very quickly (and I can see why CM Punk is upset).  He is awkward as a face and the fans won’t be watching this match. I know that they will be doing random chants, that’s until Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring to face both these men for the unified WWE-world heavy weight championship titles.  A slow paced and action packed WrestleMania and finally, he will have reached his dream. That goes to show if you focus and work hard, kids, your dream can come true as well. I expect this match to be at least 18 minutes at best.

8.) The UnderTaker vs. Brock Lesnar with Paul heyman. A lot of people are worried about The UnderTaker’s health but I’m sure he will be just fine. I know he is almost 50, but you have to give him props where it’s due. He survived two brutal matches with Triple H before he faced CM Punk. He looks to be in good health and still in good shape. (Even though he kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln. Hehe). Brock has to be cautious and move at a slow pace, and with his MMA-amateur back round, it will definitely be  the dead-man’s biggest challenge that he has faced throughout every opponent he has defeated. The Undertaker is the most viscous striker, I believe in all of WWE and it will be hard to tell who has truly met there match, which I believe will be an intense match and the first biggest match of the night. I also believe it will leave people talking about this match for years just like Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan. I know everyone did not get Sting vs. the Undertaker but if Lesnar does lose, then I will gladly pay to watch two old farts wrestle with flabby arms wrestle. But what if Brock beats the streak? What if it’s an anything goes kind of match and CM Punk gets involved? Would he help Taker or Lesnar? A lot of possibilities and it is pie in the sky, but it would cool to think about, but I  doubt we would see it. This match will be a little shorter than 23 minutes. The outcome hasn’t changed in 22 years.

Winner: The Undertaker 



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