Explaining the ending scene of Gravity

   Some people who have seen the movie Gravity, including some of my relatives seem to be a bit confused over the end of the movie Gravity. And that’s okay because to explain what it really means is pretty simple. 

 While being in space-Ryan Stone, has come to face her fears that have been heavy on her mind and on her heart before she left to go to space on a mission. So while being by herself throughout this movie the fight isn’t just for survival in space but to survive with what’s been bugging her. With Matt Kowalski who sacrificed himself for her, he is her inner strength in a way to survive. 

 When she goes go back to earth and is laying on the sand in the water she realizes something. 

  She realizes that she has found Gravity in her life. She is able to move forward and to let go of the past that was distracting her before she went to space. She has found peace within herself physically and mentally. It’s almost like a theory of evolution kind of thing. Life will go on. 

  The real meaning behind this movie is that life is beautiful. No matter how the past may hurt us we can’t forget that life, just like earth  is precious. We should try to move forward from the past an find Gravity within ourselves so we can have better balance. 


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