Emails, text messages, and friendship

 Chapter 3: Creeper status


A/N: Thank you for reading and liking my fan fiction story! 🙂  I’ll try to update another chapter after work this weekend or as soon as I can. Leave comments if you want, and besides homework and studying, i’m also trying to write a Silver Surfer fan fiction story. I’m not sure what TV show I should use for that or what person. Write me any suggestions if anybody has any. Enjoy! 🙂


  Amy goes on her lunch break at the University. She sits at a table in the far right corner. She begins to eat her egg salad sandwich then Leonard, sees her sitting by herself. 

“Why is Amy sitting by herself?”. Asks Leonard.

“Beats me. She hasn’t responded to my communication callings so I could care less”. Says Sheldon.

“Why don’t you go sit with her?”.

“And miss you possibly being embarrassed by Penny over the phone? No thanks”.

“Is this attitude coming from the person that got slapped?”. Leonard says as he hangs up the phone, while raising his eyebrow.

Sheldon glares at Leonard. “At least I still sort of have my relationship”.

Leonard grins at Sheldon. “Very funny Mr.Skeleton”.

Sheldon sighs heavily. “Fine! If it makes your scrawny behind happy, I’ll go talk to Amy”. Sheldon begins to lift up his tray and goes to talk to Amy.

“Yeah, you go do that”.

Amy takes out her phone but sees Sheldon coming, and she stops the text message. “Shit”. She mumbles to herself.

“Heeeelo Amy!”. Sheldon says in a polite and delightful tone.

“Hey”. Amy says in a semi-annoyed tone.

Sheldon stands awkwardly looking around then starring at Amy’s Amy’s tray of food. After a short silence he asks”May I sit with you?”.


“Okay then”. He sits across from Amy and stares at her boobs.

Amy texts Penny.

Ame-Hey! I’m on my lunch break and Penny…Help. Oh god, I think Sheldon is starring at my boobs -_- lol. Any who, I miss you! 😦 😀

She sends the text message and finally catches Sheldon starring and drooling a bit. “Sheldon? Sheldon, what do you want? Hello?! Earth to Sheldon! My boobs are not my eyes!”.

“What-ohsorry!”. He says quickly.

“What. Can I help you with. Sheldon”. Amy says getting irritated.

Soon, Howard and Raj join Leonard at the table that he is sitting at. They all laugh together.

“This is great!”. Says an excited Howard.

“Yeah!”. Raj says as he smiles.

Penny texts Amy back.

Pennster-Run. Run as far as you can! lol. I’m on my break also. I miss you too! 🙂 :/ How’s work so far?

“Amy, I don’t know how to say this but in the terms that people use when they haven’t seen one another in a while, Amy I…I mssszzz…I miss you”.

Ame-Work is pretty busy. Wish you were here to help me 😀 I don’t know if we’ll be working though 😉 haha.

“I appreciate that Sheldon but I have to go back to work”.

“Oh okay”.

Amy puts her phone in her pocket and her trash in the garbage.

Pennster-Haha! Amy, you’re so fresh! 😉 lol. Hey um what’s a cohabitation form?

Amy walks to her office and closes the door.

Ame-It’s a form used for roommates in case if one was to move out in a serious situation. It is just like a roommate agreement. Why?

Pennster-Nothing. I just wanted to hear you talk smart. It’s pretty hot actually 😉 haha.

Ame-lol. You want to know what else is hot? I believe you have as what rappers say “Junk in the trunk”, so I’m looking forward to putting my bike there. 😉 haha.

Penny smiles and giggles.

Pennster-All within good time. 😉 lol. I’ll let you look, but touching my booty is other story 😉 lol.

Ame- Haha. I’ll allow you to stare as well. Just don’t try to what kids say these days “Cop a feel” lol. I have to get back to work. How about this Friday night we watch a couple of movies at my place? Are you interested in that kind of activity? 😀

Pennster-I’ll try not to 😉 And of course! 😀

Ame-Does 6:30 pm sounds good?.

Pennster-Sounds great! It’s a date! See you then, darling 🙂

Ame-I can’t wait for our movie night, bestie. Text you during the week, my love 🙂

Penny looks at the text message and smiles to herself. ‘If only Sheldon had a normal brain to see how special she is’. Penny thinks to herself.

“Penny! Your break is almost over!”. Her boss Mike says.

“O-okay. I’ll be ready to go back to work in a bit”.

“So, you still can’t get Penny or Amy to talk to either of you huh?”. Says Howard as he flips through the comics at Stewart’s store.

“No”. Says Leonard.

“That sucks”. Says Raj. He picks up the new Iron man comic book and says”Maybe you should send each of them flowers”.

“Yeah like that would work”. Says Sheldon as he skims through the Silver Surfer comic book.

“Stop being a negative moron, Sheldon. Just try it and see if it works”.

Sheldon sighs and picks out two more spider man comic books.”I guess I’ll give that strategy a go”.

They each pay for there comic books separately and go back to Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment.

Bernadette walks over to Amy’s door in her apartment building and knocks on it.

“Who is it?”.

“it’s Bernie!”.

Amy opens up the door and smiles. She says”Hey, Come in”.

Bernadette walks in and Amy closes the door. She says”Thanks. There is something I have to tell you so don’t try to freak out”.

“What’s on your mind?”.

“Howard told me. He told me about you and Penny being friends and”…..

“And what? Is there something wrong? did I do something wrong?”.

What-no! Actually, I’m happy that you and Penny are bonding. I think you suit her better than Leonard, honestly. But please be careful because a few people are spreading rumors about her”.

Bernie’s eyes show worry and concern.


Amy felt her heart drop and her eyes show a bit of sadness.

“However, don’t believe everything you hear. I doubt any of those are true. Don’t let people’s stupidity break what you’re forming with Penny”. Bernie says as she smiles, trying to cheer up Amy.

Amy smiles and says”thanks for the heads up Bernie. Me and Penny are having a movie night a few days from now. I’m so excited!”.

“That’s great! Have fun, honey! I gotta go. Me and Howard are going to uh…Have some fun”. Bernie says as she winks at Amy.

“Ah, coitus! That’s nice! Well, see you later”.


Bernie walks out the door and closes it. Amy locks it and sits on the couch. ‘Those rumors won’t interfere with our night. Like Bernie said…I won’t let them ruin it’. Amy thinks to herself. She continues to watch the movie Liberal Arts and eats popcorn with a small bottle of ginger ale on the coffee table.This is her kind of night. No Sheldon. Just herself and her favorite snack, with her mind and heart thinking about Penny.


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