Emails, text messages, and friendship

 Chapter 2: Forget about it all 


Amy wakes up early at 10:00 am get some work done and do some walking on a treadmill at blink fitness. She goes back to penny’s apartment and takes a shower. She changes her clothes and puts on the song Mercy by One Republic. She washes her hands and starts starts to cook for Penny and herself. Penny gets out of the bathroom and Amy says”Hey! Good morning sleepy beauty”. Penny smiles and says”Hey. Whatcha cooking?”.

“It’s a surprise. Please go to the dinner table and wait. I think you’ll like it”. Amy says as she smiles.

“Okay, chef”.

Amy sticks her tongue out at Penny and she smiles a bit.

Penny sits at the table and looks at her phone. Five missed calls and eight unread text messages from Leonard.


The first one says: What happened yesterday? You weren’t yourself. Is everything okay with you?

The second one says: How about us? Did I something wrong?.

The third one says: Penny, please answer me. I’m really nervous that you’re not answering. I seriously need to know.

The fourth one says: If I did anything wrong, I’m sorry.

The fifth one said: Really really sorry.

The sixth one said: what the hell Penny! Text me back dammit!

The seventh one said: Your impossible to deal with, you know that?

The eighth one said: Whatever. Goodnight Penny. I hope whoever man you’re hooking up with breaks your heart. And if that happens, don’t come crying to me! Don’t expect Leonard Hoffstedar to be your hero again.

Amy is putting together the egg and melted cheese on the ham on one slice of bread. She puts ketchup on the other slice of bread and cuts the sandwich in half. She gets two Yoohoo bottles from the refrigerator and puts them on the table. Amy grabs both plates and gives one to Penny and sets one across from where Penny is sitting.

Penny’s eyes widen in happiness and shock. “You made this?”.


Penny takes a bite out of her breakfast sandwich and says”WOW. This is delicious”.

Amy smiles”Thanks”.

A small silence is in the room as both of them eat and Penny breaks the silence. “Hey Amy?”.

“YesI’llmarryyou”. Amy says quickly.

Penny looks at Amy suspiciously. “What?”.

“Oh. Uhm…Nothing. What’s up?”.

“I was thinking…..Would you like to go out with me today? We can play some mini golf and play some games in the arcade if you want”.

“Are-are you asking me out on a date, Ms. Penny?”.

“Why, yes I am”.

“You mean the date where two people of any gender hangout and do activities and have a good time and communicate over drinks plus food and such?”.

“Yeah. You’ve never been on a date before?”.

“Sadly no. When I would ask someone they would that I’m disgusting and if we were the only two people left in this world, it would be a disgrace to get to know me”.

“That’s so horrible! Well if it makes you feel better, those people have no clue-“

“I accept. I accept your kind invitation to go on a date with you. Let’s go have some fun and forget about everything that is named Leonard and Sheldon”.

“Okay! Let me shower and change”.

Penny goes to take a shower and Amy cleans up and washes the dishes.

Penny gets out the shower.

Amy says”You were in there for like half an hour. I understand if you workout and you shower for like twenty minutes or ten minutes. What are you trying to get? Squeaky clean?”.

Penny laughs. “Don’t look. I’m only wearing a towel”.

“Penny, it’s okay. It would be unfair to say we have the same thing”.

Penny smiles as her jaw drops”Amy! I so too have that!”.

“Sure you do”.

Penny playfully rolls her eyes.

A few minutes later penny gets out of her room in some clothes and Amy can’t help but stare at her. ‘Penny looks…Amazing’. Leonard has no idea on how bad he lost’. Amy’s thoughts says.

“Ready to go?”.


They leave the apartment and Penny locks the door. Across the hall is Sheldon and Leonard starring at them as they walk downstairs.

“Good afternoon, Amy”. Sheldon says delightfully.

Amy waves him off.

Leonard smiles. “Hey Penny. You look great”.

“Hey, bye”. Penny mumbles.

Both of them get in Penny’s car and drive to go to the mini golf arcade place. After getting out of the car they start by playing mini golf after they pay the cashier to play.

“Are you kidding me? That should’ve gone in!”. Penny says frustrated.

Amy laughs. “Don’t get all happy Gilmore on me, now”.

Penny lines up to hit her golf ball.

“Let me give you a hint: You have to measure the golf club with the ball and try to hit it in an angle”.

Penny waits a bit then patiently hits the ball. It goes in,


Amy lines up the golf club with the golf ball. She luckily gets a hole in one. she smirks. “And that’s why I’m the best”.

After they finished playing mini golf they sit at a table and drink some soda.

“Can I tell you something?”. Asks Penny.

“You can tell me anything”. Says Amy.

Penny takes a sip of soda from her straw and says”Leonard called me…five times. And he texted me eight times”.

“Did he really? In normal world that’s called being a creepy stalker”.

Penny almost chokes while coughing.

“You okay? Put your hands up”.

“I like this side of you, Amy”.

“And what side what side would that be?”.

“The side where you don’t put yourself in a shell. The side where you truly open up”.

“Thanks bestie! You know (Takes a sip) Sheldon never said anything like that to me”.

“Never ever?”.

“Nope. But I’m happy you’re the first person to say it. I also want to add that I like seeing the happy Penny. Seeing the sad Penny makes my heart break”.

Penny was shocked. But that statement alone made her blush like a lobster. “Aww thanks sweetie!”.

Penny’s eyes showed confusion and a bit of need in direction. “I still don’t know what to do about Leonard though. He’s a somewhat decent guy, but there are a lot of other times where keeping my distance from him is my best option. He just….he doesn’t make me feel protected or happy. when we were together, together things weren’t what he said they would be”.

Amy’s eyes show concern. “What went wrong between you and him?”.

“One minute he’s sweet and the next he is this grumpy, nasty person. He’s unresponsive when it comes to talking about how he feels and doesn’t show much affection towards me as he once said he would. He’s a no emotion guy who knows I’m emotionally fragile, but he purposely breaks my heart and thinks he can repair it by flowers or a date to get some coffee. I gave him my heart and did everything under the sun to make him happy and feel loved. He swears up and down that everyday is a new day to be someone I’ll grow to love, or someone I’ll want to marry in good time but I want someone better. I deserve better you know?”.

“Just by observing-has he claimed he is working late though he gets it done early?”.

Penny nods.

“Since you know everything he does and his routine never changes, has he told you to mind your business?”.

Penny nods shamefully and looks at the ground in sadness.

“Penny , that right there means Leonard is being a pig and a player. I’m sorry”.

Penny lets out a small sigh.

“Penny. Penny, please look at me”.

Penny looks at Amy.

“None of this is your fault. If he can’t recognize how much of a beautiful, good hearted, kind woman you are then I suggest dropping him like a bad habit and move on as best as you can. I don’t know a thing about relationships but when it comes to seeing my bestie upset, I won’t allow you to be sad”.

Penny drinks some of her soda avoiding the feeling of a baseball in her throat to keep her from crying. She says”I’m sorry I’m bringing my problems into our date. Your probably annoyed with me”.

“No! Not at all. We’re humans. We have emotions. We go through tough situations in life and some more than others, but either way I’m here for you no matter what. Darling,That will never change”.

“Thank you, Amy! I really needed to hear that”.

Amy Says”You ready for the arcade games? I’m going to kick your butt in pacman!”.

“Yeah , right. Let’s do it!”.

After playing some games and laughing Amy and Penny drive back to the apartment building. Amy and Penny walk together. They go in the apartment and Amy packs up her things.

“I have work tomorrow so after work I will text you bestie”.

Penny hugs Amy tightly which surprised Amy. Penny and Amy put each other’s heads on both there shoulders.

Penny says”Sounds good. See you later, oh and thanks for staying the night last night”.


She lets go and Amy leaves to go to her car to go back to her apartment.

Penny blushes again after the hug between her and Amy. She suddenly hears a knock on the door.

Make that three.

*Knock, knock, knock* “Penny”.

*Knock, knock, knock* “Penny”.

*Knock, knock, knock* “Penny”.

She opens the door. “Hey Sheldon. How can I help you?”.

“Can you be a doll and talk to Leonard? He’s annoying me and won’t let me get my beauty sleep”.

“Sorry, no can do”

“Why not? He also won’t stop bugging me in my office. Penny, you have to talk to him!”.

“Why should I? I’m going to tell you what I told him so listen up. I need my space. Okay?”.

“Well make sure you find some room to take your “Space”. You wouldn’t happen to be on the PMS pill would you because you-“


She slaps Sheldon as she closes the door and locks it.

Sheldon goes across to the apartment while holding his face and closes the door.

“How did it go?”. Asks Leonard as he comes out of his bedroom.

“I’m holding my face! What do you think?!”. Says Sheldon angrily.

Amy texts Penny.

Ame-Hey bestie. Going to bed now. I had fun on our date.Thank you for that 🙂 And remember what I told you earlier today 🙂

Pennster-No problem hun! and thanks for the talk I will 🙂 Oh and I slapped Sheldon for you and for me. He was getting on my nerves lol

Ame-lol! haha. Thanks boo. Goodnight. x

Pennster-Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite lol. x

Ame-I doubt they’ll bite. I have bed bug spray. I’m always protected when it comes to bed bugs lol. I just don’t have a spray for you haha. 😉

Penny looked at the last text and smiled. This girl is crazy but she really is something special.


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